Expert Advice on How to Pack Your Bag forYour Next Trip

After being cooped up at home for almost two years, it’s time to pack your bags and head out on that long-awaited trip. But, that doesn’t mean you’ll pack way too much and ultimately ruin your trip by carrying extra weight or losing the count of your items. Travel writer and founder of Just Packed Lydia Mansel has a few tips for you on how to pack like an expert.

Pack According to Mode of Transport

Mansel advises allowing the mode of transportation to dictate how over-packed your bags can get. The way you pack your luggage depends on how you’re traveling. If you’re flying or driving with only a carry-on, you can easily allow yourself to overpack a little. If you’re hopping on a train, there’s more room! So, always decide your size of luggage and the amount you can carry based on your mode of transport.

Knowing the Weight Limit of the Airline

If you’re flying, you need to be extra mindful while packing your bags. While booking the tickets, don’t forget to check the weight limit provided by the airline for your handbags and cabin luggage. There’s no use in giving yourself any freedom here, as all airlines take their weight limits very seriously and check every luggage accordingly. Mansel suggests packing a little light, giving some wiggle room to bring a few souvenirs on the way back.

Ditching the Debate of Folding vs. Rolling

Both YouTube and IRL are filled up with videos and discussions regarding the pros and cons of folding vs. rolling, to pack a travel bag. But, at the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter! Just go ahead and pick the packing method that works best for you, or go for a mixed bag. There’s no need to fuss about making a choice just because that’s trendy! A tip from Mansel, fold the casual pieces like jeans and tees but roll the clothes that are more delicate or tend to wrinkle.

Giving Outfit Planning a Try

Re-thinking your travel wardrobe can make packing a complicated chore. Start your outfit planning at least a week ahead of your departure so that you can give each ensemble a trial at home. That way, you can avoid packing four different pairs of just-in-case jeans, or one-time matched jackets. As per Mansel, it’s always better to formulate ahead what you’re going to wear on each day of your trip so that you don’t miss out on anything important to pack.