Backpack vs. Suitcase — The Best for Long-Term Travel

In many people’s minds, when they go backpacking, they have to carry a big bag around for months. While there are upsides to having a backpack, are they really the best option for long-term travel?

Living Up to the Name

When it comes to backpacking, surely the clue is in the name. Those who have traveled around the world know that, in reality, there is no real need to carry a pack on your back while exploring the world.

Sure there may be the odd occasion when having your pack on your back is useful, but generally speaking, a wheeled suitcase works just as well. In fact, some might say suitcases are the better option.

Backpack vs. Suitcase — The Best for Long-Term Travel

Let the Good Times Roll

One benefit of having a suitcase with rolling wheels is that you don’t have to carry that weight around. That history-changing invention, the wheel, is still proving useful in today’s world, so why not embrace it?

The majority of the time, you won’t actually be carrying your backpack during your backpacking adventure. You’ll be able to wheel your suitcase almost everywhere you go during your trip, and your clothes won’t be all creased. If you’re going off the beaten path, you can leave your suitcase at the hostel and take a day bag with you.

Backpack vs. Suitcase — The Best for Long-Term Travel

Where’d I Leave That Thing?

Packing a huge backpack has certain problems, like trying to find anything that falls to the bottom. When you pack your stuff in a suitcase, it won’t be creased, and you can find it almost immediately. You can keep things in a nice organized fashion in a suitcase, and stuff won’t break anywhere near as easily. When traveling through the airport, your suitcase won’t have to go with the oversized bags either, meaning it’s hassle-free even while flying.

Backpacks are great, but they are also heavy, bulky, difficult to organize, and not so essential when traveling anymore.