Cozy Up To The Bald Eagles When You Vacation By This Canadian River

Strike out north from the city of Vancouver, and you’ll quickly find that you’ve been engulfed by the temperate rainforest of the Pacific Northwest. About an hour outside of the city, you’ll come to the Squamish River, which will provide you with ample opportunities to cozy up to the animals that call this area home.

The region happens to be home to the biggest collection of bald eagles in the entirety of North America, the majestic animal that has become a national symbol in the United States.

The region might not be famed for its sunny skies and warm weather, but seeing the birds in person is worth the trip, especially for the more adventurous among us. As you reach the shore of the river, you’ll have a chance to watch the birds doing what they do best: catching salmon.

With each successive fish that has the misfortunate to flop onto the river rocks, the circling eagles gracefully descend towards them, in a primal dance that belies their intentions. The fish are larger than what you’d have imagined, even if you’re an avid salmon eater, but then again, so are the white capped eagles.

The Squamish river wends its way through the jagged mountains rising up on either side, carpeted with the slender fir trees that characterize the Pacific Northwest forests. Take your trip one step further by rafting through the river, which will take you right into the middle of the action.

During the fall, it will likely be cool and rainy, with fast flowing water, but as long as you dress for the adventure, it’s one that will be worth taking. A raft rental comes with an extra bonus too, namely some onboard hot chocolate, which will give you the boost you need to complete the journey back to shore.