Everything The Beginner Backpacker Needs To Know

We all gotta start somewhere; at least that’s how the saying goes. But it’s important, especially when you just started backpacking, to make sure that you’ve covered some basics and did your research. There is a fairly basic formula to follow along to make sure you get the most out of your backpacking trip.


We believe that one of the most crucial aspects in any good backpacking trip is having a partner to travel with. If you’re a beginner, it would behoove you to find a partner with more experience. There is no limit on the amount of things we can learn from a more experienced partner.

Choosing a good partner is as important as choosing a good route to backpack along. There are a few things to consider when it comes to planning a backpacking route. First, you want to make sure your route will be completed in the allotted time. You don’t want to plan a huge journey when you only have a couple hours to get out there. Also, you must make sure you take into account elevation gain. This in addition to the weight you’re carrying can have a seriously draining effect on the body. So, be sure to keep these details in mind.


The last thing you want to make sure you get right is your kit. You want to have all the gear planned and ready to go. This will help you avoid losing or misplacing any important items. It is essential that you get a good tent that is going to fit the maximum amount of people you are traveling with. This will allow you to keep the weight down overall.


If you are going with more than three people, it is recommended that you bring two stoves so that everyone can eat at the same time. Bringing a good water filter can quite literally save your life. It also doesn’t hurt that you won’t have to carry all that heavy water along with you. Lastly, you want to make sure you have some kitchen basics such as: a stirring spoon, paring knife, spices, a sponge and soap, spatula, kettles, and a pot or pan.