The Best Gifts For Travel-Lovers

Everyone has a friend or family member that loves traveling. Today, we’ll give you five cool gift ideas that will help them capture memories, inspire future adventures, and make life on the road a lot more fun. Whether it’s a gift for a holiday or special occasion, these gift ideas will help you pick out the most meaningful presents for your fellow travel-lovers.

Everlane Twill Weekender

Everlane is a popular brand that creates designer-quality products for a fraction of the traditional retail price. This Twill Weekender duffel is completely resistant and can be easily stowed in an airplane overhead bin. It also has an external pocket to store on-the-go objects such as passports, boarding passes, or wallets.

Away Luggage

Away’s hard-side suitcases make traveling a lot more efficient and, not to mention, more stylish. Away has become very popular for its impressively comfortable and indestructible designs. These rolling suitcases allow easy organization and even have a built-in USB charger inside, making them the perfect gift for someone who is always on the go.

“I Was Here” Travel Journal

The “I Was Here” journal is a great gift for someone who likes to write as they travel. This unconventional diary is beautifully illustrated from page to page and even offers exciting challenges that encourage travelers to wander in more whimsical ways.


Olloclip iPhone Lens Set

The Olloclip iPhone Lens Set will thrill anyone who loves to document their travels on Instagram. This set turns the iPhone’s built-in front and rear cameras into wide-angle and telephoto lenses. Weighing a total of just two ounces, you can bring along this little guy wherever you go. The cherry on top is the storage case that can also be used as a tripod for your phone.



Flight 001 5-in-1 Adapter

This compact adapter allows travelers to plug in in 150 different countries and even comes with a color-coded map that tells you which prong fits which each country.