Best Travel Gifts For That One Jet-Setter In The Crew

Whether you’re traveling for work or pleasure, one thing’s for sure – getting into a sticky situation far away from home is stressful on another level. And if your goal for getting out of the city is to relax and come back with a weight lifted off your shoulders, travel woes will more or less have the polar opposite effect.

On top of that, even normal, everyday interactions can leave travelers a bit more on edge than normal: navigating a foreign place, speaking and being spoken to in a foreign language – and knowing that if you lose anything, you aren’t going to make it home anytime soon.

Best Travel Gifts For That One Jet-Setter In The Crew

That makes knowing where things are, making sure they’re protected, and being comfortable while on the move all the more important. But far too often, people head into the great unknown ill-equipped for their journey, headed more for disaster than detox.

So what can you do about it? Make sure the ones you love aren’t one of “those people!” This list is full of travel gifts that offer maximum comfort and security anywhere in the world, that the average traveler not only needs, but will totally love.

1. An all-equipped suitcase

Suitcases these days come with their own layer of practically bullet-proof protection – you know the ones we’re talking about. Shiny and box-like, they clank their way down the conveyer belt and look like armed warfare might come spilling out if anything could penetrate their exterior in the first place… Look for one that covers all the bases: armored exterior for protection, an easy-access front pocket, optional locks (because that hassle should be a choice), and perhaps most importantly, an internal portable charger.

Best Travel Gifts For That One Jet-Setter In The Crew

2. Collapsable travel cup

Okay, everyone needs one of these. But especially travelers. For coffee while running late to the train or water without the wasteful plastic, these cups are there when you need them – and practically disappear when you don’t. Plus, they encourage you to finish one drink before starting the next!

3. Belt Bag

Going through airports is always annoying, but nothing more so than needing to take off and digging into your bag every 5 seconds for this and that. A belt bag is perfect for the things you need to grab in a moment’s notice (and keep within eyesight at all times) – and they’re pretty chic, too.

4. Traveling shoe bags

Shoes are one of the most necessary travel items, but also easily the dirtiest. That makes packing them in with the rest of your stuff pretty problematic. But these thin bags organize and protect your shoes (and everything else from your shoes). Plus, they don’t take up any extra room.

5. Ultra-Light Down Coat

A water-resistant, unbeatably warm, super-compact jacket that doubly functions as a portable blanket and fluffy pillow.

6. Universal Adaptor

Spending a vacation with only one machine charged at a time is not going to feel like much of a vacation. But these adaptors will solve that, anytime, anywhere. And the plugs even work both ways, in case you buy something overseas that you want to use at home!

Best Travel Gifts For That One Jet-Setter In The Crew

7. Tech-friendly gloves

It’s cold out here! Where, where is here? In order to find out, you’ll probably have to use your phone – which can make having gloves on quite a nuisance. But not with this gloved travel. Keep your fingers safe and warm, and your sense of direction intact.

8. A real-deal toiletries bag

This is no plastic airport scrap. It has all the compartments no one knew they needed – separating the toiletries that can damage each other, confining potential spills, and it’s even washable between trips.