5 Of The Cheapest European Cities To Backpack On A Budget

When you are young and free of the responsibilities of adult life, there’s nothing more rewarding than exploring a continent. One continent that boasts many countries that you are bound to get the best bang for your buck is, of course, Europe. We’re going to count down five of the cheapest European destinations.

5. Bucharest, Romania – $27.63 per day

european 1

One of the cheapest places in all the Balkans, Bucharest is the perfect kickstart¬†for a tour to Transylvania. However, with many cool sites, bars, and cafes, Romania’s capital is a trip in itself.

4. Belgrade, Serbia – $26.99 per day

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With one of the best European nightlives, Belgrade is a party city like no other. But don’t let all the festivals fool you. Serbia’s capital is also full of rich history and culture. With a vast array of architecture and culture, Belgrade’s a steal.

3. Krakow, Poland – $26.31 per day

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While it is very much one of the cheapest European cities out there, Krakow looks like it should be much more expensive than it actually is. With one of the largest squares on the continent and a stunning Old Town, Krakow has something for everyone.

2. Kyiv, Ukraine – $25.46 per day

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Despite its troubled past, Kyiv is gradually becoming a prime location for backpackers. Many parts of Ukraine’s capital are becoming more bohemian by the day. Make sure to check out the strange ghost town and the stunning street art.

1. Istanbul, Turkey – $20.85 per day

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There is nowhere in the world quite like Istanbul. Divided by two continents, there is as much to explore on the Asian side of this enchanting city as there is on the European side. With prices extremely low right now, backpackers surely can’t say no to classic landmarks such as The Blue Mosque and the Aya Sofia. With a new airport under construction, it’s going to get even easier to visit this amazing city.