Couple Convert Their Van Into A Home To Hit The Best Surfing Spots Around Europe

A couple from Norway decided to convert their 2007 Volkswagen Crafter Van into a cozy motor home so that they could travel to the best surfing spots in Europe. The adventure seeking couple, Birk Haaland, 27 and Sara Teigen, 26, were forced to rethink plans when Haaland got sick from a parasite three years ago.

Teigen explained it had quite an extreme effect on their lives saying, “This meant everything from food, mindfulness, travel, yoga, friends and family, living more sustainable and so on.” Consequently, the couple began to draw up plans of how they could travel together, baring in mind Haaland’s medical condition.

surf- sara

Teigen recalled how her partner was inspired by the movement of sustainable small houses and van buildings, adding “We really like the idea that you can live small and happy and that you can find adventure right outside your doorstep – in the way that suits you best.”

So far in their converted van, the couple have travelled to the best surfing spots in Denmark, Sweden and around the north of Norway with plans for more. While Sara works in psychiatry, Birk plans to hold seminars on how to build your own van which should give them enough money to travel through Europe.

surf- van

Birk explained the inspiration behind the van, saying “We love to surf,” he continued,”It’s the feeling of being a part of the nature and the great ocean. It’s a peaceful experience at the same time it’s so exciting. You never get the same wave twice which makes every surf session unique.”

surf- birk

The couple encouraged others to take inspiration from them and travel in the unique way.

Sara said,”In the van time slows down – we live slowly,” she added, “And it’s beautiful. It’s more peaceful, you are able to enjoy nature, surfing, each other and the feeling that we do whatever feels right. Do we like the scenery here? We park. Are we hungry? We eat. Nothing to worry about and nothing that is planned.”