Why Not Stay At This Eco-Hostel Off The Coast Of Colombia?

Ever wished you could watch the sea from your own bed but not break the bank in the process? Well now, an eco-hostel just off the coast of Colombia can make your dream come true.

hostel 1

In Casa en el Agua (or House in the Water, in Spanish,) you can just sit back and enjoy the stunning views of the Atlantic from your own bed. If not, you can go and hang out with the other people sharing this gorgeous eco-hostel.

This hostel is eco-friendliness at its finest. Not only is it surrounded by the Colombian Caribbean waters, but it is also solar-powered, meaning that this resort, which is less than 100km from the Colombian coast, is fully functional.

Casa en el Agua is less than 100km away from the Colombian coast and is just one of the many small islands that form the San Bernardo National Park.

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So how exactly was this eco-hostel put together in the first place? Essentially, there is a concrete foundation that holds this double-story wooden structure in place. Originally, it was a Colombian family who owned the “island.”

However, it has since become a resort with a bar, kitchen, and communal area on the first floor. On the second is where you can find all the private bedrooms, each with a stunning view of the Carribean sea.

What separates this hostel from others is how it treats the environment. With separate toilets for “number ones” and “number twos.” The hostel then filters the water and takes the remaining waste to Tintipán Island for compost.

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One downside to the experience is the lack of running water, meaning that you should expect to take bucket showers if you want to wash. Also, there is no Wi-Fi, but depending on your requirements, this might enhance your staying experience in a great way.