These Are The Real Reasons You Should Travel Europe By Rail

If you’re looking to explore what Europe has to offer, you’re probably wondering how you can get from one country to the other. After all, the continent is split up into different countries and islands, and you’re not exactly the strongest swimmer. With the thought of flights already burning a hole in your wallet, what other option do you have? Well, what about using the interrail system? Using trains to get from one destination to another is becoming increasingly popular, but is it for everyone?

Should You Interrail Around Europe? We Look At The Pros And Cons

Pro: You Get To See Countless Destinations

One of the main draws for any potential interrailer is the chance to see countless destinations in the space of a few hours. One hour you could be rolling through the fields of France, and the next hour you could be in Belgium! This allows you to move from one place to the next with ease, and travel without the hassle of flights, transfers, and everything else that’s thrown into the mix.

Con: It Takes A Lot Of Planning

Although you can just hop on a train and go during your interrailing adventure, you do need to keep in mind that it does take planning. There are certain countries that require visas and special requirements, and there are even some countries that do not accept the Euro. Because of this, you need to make sure that you have researched where you’re going and what’s required of you beforehand.

Should You Interrail Around Europe? We Look At The Pros And Cons

Pro: It Can Be Very Cheap

The initial cost of an interrail pass may be daunting, but when you break it down, it’s really not that expensive. For one set price, you often get unlimited travel around Europe and complete flexibility. This is something you don’t get with flying, as you often have to pay various prices each time and stick to scheduled flights.

Should You Interrail Around Europe? We Look At The Pros And Cons

Con: There Is No Privacy

Sometimes you will be stuck on a train for hours on end, and you can be stuck in a cabin with people you don’t really get on with. This can often cause friction, and ruin your journey. Although you can travel in groups, it’s best to travel in small groups to avoid disaster.

Are you looking to interrail around Europe? There are many pros and cons, but ultimately the experience is what you make of it.