The Only Guide You Need To Bangkok

Bangkok has become an extremely popular place for travelers. Home to some of the most delicious foods and with an all-night nightlife, it is thriving with culture.

Although people come to Thailand to explore many of its areas, for example, to visit elephants in Chiang Mai or relax on the beautiful islands in the south, here is the ultimate and only guide you need to have the best time in the capital, Bangkok.

Where To Visit

Visit the Wat Pho temple! Thailand is known for its insanely beautiful, clean temples. One of Bangkok’s main attractions is the Wat Pho temple, as people come to visit the reclining Buddha. Aside from the impressiveness of the sculpture, there are many surrounding shrines and beauty to see for the rest of the day.

Where To Shop

Bangkok has plenty of overwhelming shopping malls to get lost it. But which one to choose? Terminal 21 is a highly recommended mall which includes stores from around the world as well as local designers which are interesting to take a look at.

The best part about this mall is that each floor is decorated like a different major world city! Down at the bottom, you can find the best of the local Thai ingredients. If you fancy taking a break for lunch, check out the food court on the top floor where you can lose yourself in deciding between the best of the Thai and Asian specialties.

Where To Get Pampered

Thailand is famous around the world for its massages. But what better place to get a Thai massage than in Thailand! If you don’t fancy being captured off the street and walking into a dingy massage parlor then check out Banyan Tree Spa.

Here you can feel at ease with the serene setting and enjoy a treatment of your choice among the petal-filled bath. For a more traditional massage which will get those knots out, check out the Asia Herb Association.

Where To Go At Night

Finally, the part you really wanted to know – what is the best thing to do at night in Bangkok? If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of Khao San Raod, try not to get vertigo at the rooftop cocktail lounge, actually called Vertigo. At this wobbly height, you will be able to see many beautiful towns below while sipping on your favorite cocktail.

If you feel like heading out after, why not try Insanity Nightclub. It is not for everyone, with its lasers and smoke, but the DJ certainly knows how to put on a party.