Stay In Luxury When You Venture Into The Argentinian Rainforest

Visions of Argentina are usually comprised of the nearly European boulevards of Buenos Aires, while the more adventurous will first consider Patagonia when planning a trip to the southerly country.

If you want a real adventure, however, you now have the option to explore the rainforest of Iguazú National Park while sleeping in style. The Awasi Iguazú is a lodge comprised of 14 suites that sits just outside of the National Park, and brings a much needed hotel option to the incredible landscape.

It’s not just the rainforest that’s worth exploring, however. Most of the park’s visitors come to experience the breathtaking Iguazú Falls, which sit on the border between Argentina and Brazil.

With over 275 waterfalls stretching over 1.7 miles, the Iguazú Falls are one of the continent’s top natural wonders. Despite the millions who visited each year, however, lodging options were scarce on the Argentinian side of the border.

Awasi is filling a much needed hole in a market that was saturated with low budget hostels. The accommodations at Awasi fit perfectly into the surrounding scenery, without compromising on their amenities. Each of the 14 suites is located in an independent cabin that are connected to one another by a stone path through the rainforest. The all inclusive cabins boast their own private pools, in addition to including a tour guide and a 4×4 for your party to use.

Awasi’s accommodations are a great way to escape into the jungle, without having to forgo your creature comforts. The personal suites give access to a main lodge, which boasts a rustic bar and restaurant.

The decor of the lodge is inspired by the surroundings, sticking to organic materials like wood and fabric. The owners of Awasi shared that the established the lodgings in order to encourage visitors to explore more than just the falls. The initiative seems to be a success.