Luxury Boat Will Take You Through Pantanal – The Tropical Wetlands Of Brazil

Ever wanted to travel through perilous waters but from the safety of a luxury boat? Well, now you can. The Peralta will give you a high-end experience through the treacherous wetlands of Brazil – the Pantanal.

boat 1

The Pantanal is nestled in the heart of South America and is a recommended alternative body of water to explore, compared to the more popular Amazon. You could say that they are the waters less traveled.

One of the largest wetlands in the world, the Pantanal has a rich ecosystem, full of mammals and birds. Now, a company has produced its very own boat, allowing travelers to experience everything that the Pantanal has to offer, through the comforts of their luxury suite.

Red Savannah has unveiled its very own Brazil Wildlife Adventure deal, which allows travelers to have a well-rounded trip through Brazil, starting off in Rio’s very own Copacabana Beach. After the good part of a week, guests will then board the beautiful Peralta boat to begin their epic cruise through the Pantanal.

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Other features of the trip include an insightful visit to the capital of the Amazon, Manaus, as well as a deep venture into the Amazon rainforest. During this time, one will be escorted by tour guides, while also given the chance to canoe through the Ipagos.

Essentially, a trip on the Peralta boat gives travelers the best of both worlds; a chance to explore the rich biodiversity of both the Amazon and the Pantanal. Some of the classic Brazilian creatures that you can expect to find include anacondas, capybaras, and blue macaws, to name a few.

As for the Pantanal, this rich area of wetlands is home to a vast array of wildlife, including piranhas, giant anteaters, capuchin monkeys, and even jaguars.


There is no doubt that Red Savannah’s package via the Peralta boat is an extraordinary journey for any keen enthusiast for all things wild and South American.