Welcome To The Wonderful World Of Luxury Hostels

Due to their affordability, hostels are often the choice of accommodation for lower budget travelers.

For that reason, they’ve managed to earn themselves a reputation for having less than desirable amenities. However, if you think that you hostel days are behind you, prepare to be amazed.

A number of new luxury hostels have been popping up around the world, and while the amenities rival those of the hottest boutique hotels, the prices will be well within your budgets.

King Kong Hostel: Rotterdam, Netherlands

With both dormitory style and private sleeping quarters, this Dutch hostel is a haven for artists. Hang in one of their hammocks while inhaling the gentle floral scent that permeates the property.

Freehand Chicago: Chicago, Illinois

This sister hostel to Freehand Miami is both a boutique hotel and a hostel. Sample their innovate cuisine while drinking a stellar cup of coffee during your stay.

wellnesshotel4000: Saas-Free, Switzerland

This hostel, located on the Swiss mountainside, is designed to be eco-friendly, as well as wallet-friendly. Soak in the Alpine setting while relaxing in their hot tub or saunas.

Slo Living Hostel: Lyon, France

If your vacations tend to be, “Go, Go, Go!” then you might want to check out Slo Living hostel in the south of France. The staff focuses on having small groups only, who they then encourage to bond over shared meals and events.

Hlemmur Square: Reykjavik, Iceland

This hostel is designed to suit a variety of travelers’ needs. In their dormitory style rooms, you can find noise free bed frames along with windows fitted with blackout curtains, so you can sleep soundly any time of the year.

Wombats City Hostel: London, England

This hostel may be the oldest on the list, as it was originally marketed as a hostel for sailors in the 19th century. You won’t want to miss the tavern downstairs, finished almost entirely in beautiful, exposed brick.