Nashville Airport’s Carpet May Be Most Beloved In World

Out of all the unique airports in the world, Nashville International Airport leaves visitors with an extra-special experience. Once you arrive, you’re greeted by live music, country music stars welcoming you on the airport’s PA system, and none other than what might be the most-loved carpet in an airport, anywhere in the world.

Nashville Airport’s Carpet May Be Most Loved In World

Ever since Instagram became popular, people have been taking pictures of the carpet to show that they’ve arrived home. There is even an Instagram account completely devoted to spreading the love of this special carpet.

As Sarah Currey, a Nashville native, explained to Travel and Leisure, “It is just the weirdest design from the early 2000s but anyone who has lived in Nashville would recognize it immediately.”

Nashville Airport’s Carpet May Be Most Loved In World

The creator of the Instagram account, requesting anonymity, told the magazine that “I noticed that everyone I know took photos of the carpet anyway while traveling, so why not give them something to tag? Airports have a great way to bring people of every background together, and the carpet at BNA has an unmistakable pattern and color scheme, unlike any other airport in the country.”

“I’ve had country music stars, playboy bunnies, famous Christian celebs — all sorts of people,” he or she continued. “The Titans Cheerleaders filmed a routine.” This has amounted to “a fun insight into all the people coming in and out of the airport.”

Nashville Airport’s Carpet May Be Most Loved In World

The airport is currently undergoing an expansion that costs $1.2 billion, which is to include a new parking lot. In addition to having more places to leave their cars, Nashville residents will enjoy a new transportation center, a new international arrivals center, and refurbishing and expanding Terminal D.

British Airways has taken even further steps to connect Nashville to the rest of the world by introducing a non-stop route with London.

Regarding what these changes will mean to the iconic carpet, “I really hope the carpet stays,” said Clay McCullough, a Nashville native. “It just feels like home.”