A New Hiking Trail to Enjoy on the Coast of Calabria, Italy

For those who love nature and the outdoors, you’ll likely like exploring the new hiking trail that can be found in Calabria, Italy. It’s one that expands from coast to coast while connecting the two seas.

The coast of Calabria

A Breathtaking Trail in Calabria

The new trail in Calabria is called Kalabria Coast to Coast. It’s a trail that connects the Ionian Sea and the town of Soverato to the Tyrrhenian Sea and the town of Pizzo, which is on the other side of the region. It’s 55 kilometers or about 34 miles long. The trail takes people through the mountains, beaches, and it shows off the variety of flora and fauna that Calabria has.

The region of Calabria has a lot of cultures that are worth seeing as it was part of Magna Graecia. Kalabria Coast to Coast was created by the Kalabria Trekking association and has been a project of theirs for the past several years. The goal of the trail was to help create a sensorial and emotional journey for those who are willing to hike in the heart of Calabria while also discovering some local traditions and wisdom.

More About the New Trail

The coast of Calabria
The Kalabria Coast to Coast trail has three main stops that average about 20 kilometers or 12.5 miles each. All of these have different landscapes and difficulty levels that range from medium to medium-high. This means that people with all kinds of hiking experience can enjoy the trail.

No matter what stage you’re at, hikers can be at ease knowing that they’ll have the full assistance of volunteers from Kalabria Trekking as they can be contacted by phone. Tourists are enlarged to check both in and out of the trail so that they can have a supervised trip and easily be found if there is an emergency.

Visitors will also have access to a passport that is associated with the trail in Calabria, which will mark their passports with stamps from each town or village along the way.