Planning An Epic RV Trip? Avoid These Common Mistakes

There’s nothing better than hitting the open road and traveling around with your friends and family in tow. Of course, you could do this in a car – but why would you do that when you could dust off your RV and create your own little traveling home on wheels? While planning an RV trip may sound easy, there’s no doubt about the fact that there are many people out there who make the same mistakes. So, make sure that you avoid these common RV trip mistakes to enjoy your vacation as much as possible.

Not Planning Your Route

While some people like to just hit the open road and see where it takes them, this is a common mistake that many people make on their RV trip. It’s important to plan your route before you leave so that you can avoid any low-clearance bridges, tunnels, or small roads. Plus, it’s always good to know where you’re going so you can plan your attractions.

Not Choosing The Right RV

If you are renting an RV for the sake of your trip, then you need to make sure that you choose the right one. What you really need to think about when choosing your RV is where you’re going, how many people will be traveling with you, and how many amenities you want. If there’s only one or two of you, then simply opt for a camper van. If there’s a whole family of you, you might be better suited to a Class A motorhome.

Not Abiding By The Rules

Although you can sleep in your RV, you also need to park your RV in specific campgrounds during your road trip. This means that you have to follow the rules of the campground, and you need to treat it as though it was your real home – rather than a temporary home.

So, are you ready for your epic RV trip?