8 Reasons Why Spain Is Still The World’s Greatest Holiday Destination

Diverse landscapes, breathtaking gastronomic experiences and vibrating senses found in every artistic brushstroke and celebratory fiesta – Spain has everything thinkable available for the common tourist and adventurous traveller. Here are the reasons why Spain is the world’s most sought after holiday destination:


Perfect For Low Budget Travelers And Big Spenders

Spain remains one of the best value destinations in Europe for a summer getaway, partly because of the Euro’s drop in value. For those who fall in love with the land and wish to take their travels a step further, Adra in the province of Almeria is one of the sunniest, safest, cheapest, and best Spanish towns to relocate.


Vibrant Cities That Never Sleep

Be it Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Seville or Malaga, Spain has it all. Ranging in character, each city supplies cultural diversity, ethnic uniqueness and local specialties like leading fashion or holy. If the hype is too much for you to handle and all you crave is to kick back and read a good book, most of the Spanish cities and towns are filled with beautiful parks and green spaces, open at all hours.


Clear Waters, Golden Sand

Spanish surf is made easy when considering coastal resorts of the Mediterranean enjoy, on average, more than 300 days of sunshine each year. Spain is blessed with an amazing variety of beaches: from long sandy stretches jam-packed with tourists to wild surfing beaches and nearly secluded bays.

spain - beach

Mouthwatering Cuisine Fit For Every Palette

A traditional Spanish feast must contain a spectacular, carefully selected bottle of wine that would flow harmoniously with the delicious food served. Spanish cooking consists of incalculable variety, traditional recipes handed down through the generations, and an innate willingness to experiment and see what comes out of the kitchen laboratory. Be it a light munch on tapas or full chef meal in a Michelin-starred restaurant, the gastronomic experience will take your breath away.

spain - food

Nearby Islands With A Twist

The Breathtaking Cies Islands are also known as the Galician Caribbean, which speaks for itself. Tenerife, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria – take your pick from these sun-kissed holiday Canary Island isles.

spain - tanarif

Mind Blowing Artistic Heritage

Spain boasts an amazing variety of over 1,400 museums that range from science, sex, and chocolate to some of the world’s finest collections of art – like the Guggenheim. Praising some of the world’s great, surrealist Salvador Dali (the Teatro Museo Dali), architect Antoni Gaudi (the unfinished cathedral, Sagrada Familia) and painter Pablo Picasso (Malaga has a museum home to some 300 works) are all from the phenomenon that is Spain.

spain - guggenheim

Victorious And Cultural Festivals

Spain is the country of peculiar festivals, and La Tomatina, the huge tomato fight held each August on the streets of Bunol, is one of its most interesting and unusual fiestas. Las Fallas de Valencia is flamboyant carnival welcomes visitors with an exuberant mix of gunpowder, fireworks, music, and giant characters that take by storm the city’s beautiful streets. Also a must.

spain - la tomatina

Flamenco The Night Away

This sensual Spanish form of dance, guitar and song is said to bring instant joy and stamina to every man and woman who give it a try. From restless Madrid to crazy Ibiza and the sophisticated Costa del Sol, the Spanish nightlife has something for everyone. As was once said, “what you can do by playing with and talking to the practitioners of this harsh, passionate and unforgiving art, is to take a break not just to Spain, but to another world.”

spain - flamenco