The Summer Camping Gear Guide For City People

With so many experts these days saying it’s as necessary as it is enjoyable to spend time in nature, city-dwellers are in a panic – scrambling for more creative ways to get outdoors (and away from all the buildings).

Not that summer camping doesn’t hold its own appeal, “science” aside.

But still, who has the time? Having time and making time are two very different things, and those who didn’t grow up doing it might just not know where to start. One thing’s for sure, once you get out of the city and into the wild with your loved ones, you won’t regret it. And this list is here to help you with the rest.

If you’re going to go ahead and make the commitment, you might as well make it epic. Here are some things that’ll help fill your camping trip to its most fun potential.

The Summer Camping Gear Guide For City People

1. Truck Camper These portable beds and secure places for all of your things will feel like a home away from home. They typically include a shower, toilet, kitchen, a bed, and extra space – and they hook right up to the back of a truck.

2. Smart Cooler These coolers can preserve ice for up to 14 days, and can’t be dragged off by wild bears!

The Summer Camping Gear Guide For City People

3. BioLite Fire pits are essential to camping trips for both cooking and making those quintessential camping memories with friends, and this portable fire pit does even much by blowing constant air into the fire to almost totally get rid of its hated downside: nasty smoke.

4. Portable chairs comfort is important, and often neglected by those who don’t know what to expect from the outdoors. Don’t let yourself suffer – find lightweight, waterproof chairs with cupholders and you won’t have any complaints.

The Summer Camping Gear Guide For City People

5. Solar Kit How did anyone ever camp without these? Part USB charger, part flashlight, and part handheld fan, these can save a life – or at least the life of the phone playing the music.

Now you have no more excuse – but we’re sorry if you just got the camping bug in the middle of winter!