Why You Should Consider A Volunteer Vacation In Puerto Rico

Now might seem to be a curious time to consider a trip to Puerto Rico, given the slow recovery the island has faced since it was hit by the powerful Hurricane Maria last year. As the island continues to suffer from a lack of stable infrastructure, now is exactly the time they need people to continue to come visit its shores.

One of the biggest reasons to continue traveling to the tropical island is that the fewer tourists who visit, the more difficult it will be for them to recovery as the amount of revenue flowing in to the economy continues to slow. While the island is continuing to put out calls for help, the biggest thing one can do is fly over for a holiday.

The island’s government has made it clear that even though there’s still a lot of work to do, they want tourists to keep coming. Many of the biggest of hotels have reopened now, though several are still working on becoming habitable once more.

If you stick to the main tourist attractions, especially along the shore or in urban areas, you could almost forget that the hurricane ever happened. However, for those who are more socially conscious, visiting Puerto Rico can become an even more rewarding trip.

An organization called Para La Naturaleza has engaged in a mission to incentivize tourism to the country by offering trips that will bring visitors to all of the biggest attractions while mixing in volunteer work.

The initiative is the best of both worlds for the weather stricken island, as tourist dollars help boost the local economy, while also brining in fresh manpower for the numerous projects that still need more help. The best part of choosing one of these programs? Most of them are free of charge, excluding airfare.