Boy George Is Taking Over Waze to Celebrate Pride Month and Give Directions

Can you imagine what it would be like to get driving directions from a celebrity who used to be a favorite pop icon in the ‘80s? It would almost feel like the star is in the car with you and you would never want to turn off your GPS. Waze is using this idea and has Boy George lend his voice to provide drivers a unique experience in honor of Pride Month.

Experience the Fun Way to Drive

Waze borrowed Boy George’s voice in this fun collaboration. The idea is for the drivers to have an entertaining and inspiring ride – much like having coffee with your friends, only you’re talking to a pop icon from the ’80s, who is giving you driving directions. The singer has been strongly advocating for the rights of the LGBTQIA+ community around the globe. He also composed a song to specifically show his support to this community in Ghana.

Words of Wisdom From Boy George

As though getting instructions wasn’t enough, Boy George also imparts inspiring and thought-provoking wisdom as well as fun navigation prompts. So expect a lot of “Life is all about learning to be yourself” or “There’s no better time than now to be who you are. There’s also no better time to put on your seat belt. Now let’s go.” If luck is with you, then maybe he’ll share some juicy gossip as well, depending on which experience you would have purchased.

What Is it All About?

Firstly, users can select their preferred Pride experience by choosing a special theme from the ‘80s theme. Some of the options include Car-ma Chameleon, Goldsmobile, Zesty, Quirky, Spicy, or Fancy. You can also select Boy George’s Pride Playlist available on the Waze Audio Player. All the tracks celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community.