The Jonas Brothers are All Set to Bring Their Southern Comfort Restaurant to Las Vegas

They might be the kings of music, but their roots lie in southern comfort. The Jonas family is all set to bring the magic of their southern restaurant to Las Vegas this year. Named “Nellie’s Southern Kitchen”, the restaurant will serve southern delicacies, live music, and plenty of soul at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Read on to know more about this delightful addition to Sin City’s restaurant scene.

The Restaurant

Nellie’s Southern Kitchen is as homely as the name sounds. Named after the Jonas brothers’ grandmother, the restaurant’s first location is Belmont, N.C, which is where Nellie grew up and raised her family too. Kevin Jonas Sr, the father of the three world-famous Jonas boys, talked to Travel+Leisure about the family’s decision to choose Las Vegas as their second choice. He commented that the family has a history with Las Vegas and MGM, as it’s the place where Kevin, Nick, and Joe kicked off their Remember Me tour. And even though Belmont N.C is as far away from Las Vegas as possible in the atmosphere, Kevin Sr has stated that the family is confident of this move due to the famous brothers’ international fan base.

The Ambience

Nellie’s Southern Kitchen is, as the name suggests, all about the South. The restaurant will feature delicacies like chicken and dumplings, Carolina BBQ sauces, homemade sausage, and biscuits amongst other items. Along with the old items, the menu will also feature some specials for the Vegas location. And of course, there will be music. The restaurant will have a stage, and music will be as integral a part of the makeup of the place as food. Kevin Sr, while speaking about the importance of music to his family, talked about how they were always encouraged to sing around the table. Amidst the ongoing pandemic challenges, the restaurant will first open only for dinner, and then eventually start lunch and brunch.