5 Best Hiker Gifts for Less Than $20

If you are a hiker yourself or have a few enthusiasts in your friends or family bunch, you know the importance of good, durable hiking gear! Ahead of the festive season, we’ve come up with a few great hiking gear gift ideas, made by independent companies and conveniently all under $20.

Westbound Gear Shoulder Pouch ($20)

Any hiker can understand the need for a waterproof and accessible portable place to stash your phone, ear pods, quick snacks, and wallet. Enter the shoulder pouches from Westbound Gear, which are lighter, cheaper, and more spacious than splurging for fanny packs. With a smart look and chic low profile, these nifty little pouches come in colorful or monochrome shades, and attach twice to the strap of your backpack, making them hard to lose. Grabbing your stuff and going on a hiking trail has never been easier!

BoglerCo Ultralight Trowel (From $18)

Digging catholes is a necessary technique for a hiker to set up a tent, a makeshift oven, or many other reasons. This ultra-light trowel from BoglerCo makes the job smoother and less painful. It’s essentially a piece of aircraft-grade sturdy aluminum capped with colorful plastics. Designed by Ben Bogler, a mechanical engineer and hiking enthusiast, this durable tool can withstand at least 42 pounds of force with just .48 ounces of weight.

Rawlogy Cork Massage Ball ($16)

One of the truths of hiking is that it hurts! The pain can be less or more depending on the hike, but there’s no avoiding the pain. Luckily, wherever there’s a clear patch in your trail and a sore muscle in your body, this massage ball works wonders! This 2.4-inch-diameter cork ball from Rawlogy is a versatile and indispensable tool to relieve your stiff hip, sore back, ailing heels, tight quads, and aching glutes on the way. It’s pure bliss to gift to your hiker friend!

CNOC Outdoors’ Vesica Collapsible Water Bottle ($13)

This one is very cool and handy for any hiker! CNOC Outdoors’ has come up with an ingenious Vesica water bottle that can almost disappear when it’s not full! This collapsible water bottle features a hard top and bottom but soft sides, making it easier to collapse and tuck into itself so that it can vanish into any available corner of your hiking backpack when you don’t need it. The company is also committed to keeping cheap and short-lived plastic gear off the trail.

Soom’s Flavored Tahini ($7)

Food is one of the most consistent economic variables for any hiker. You can carry mountains of pop tarts, cups of instant ramen, packets of tuna sandwiches, or splurge on fancy dehydrated meals. But if you want a little enjoyable luxury in your hiking food bag without spending big bucks, the flavored tahini packets from Soom are perfect for you. A true hiking indulgence, these versatile tahini spreads come in little one-ounce sachets and exotic flavors like vanilla bean with sweet sesame, dark chocolate with sea salt, three-ingredients chocolate, etc. Use it in your tent for breakfast, slather it on bread, muffins, or tortillas, or pour it into your nighttime desert.