You Could Soon Buy Dumplings From an Automat in East Village

Sometimes modern problems require old solutions. With restaurants unable to operate normally as the world begins to open up again, one restaurant chain has turned to the past to bring them into the future. Remember those automats from years gone by? They’re coming back, and now they’ll be serving you dumplings in New York’s East Village.

Giving Customers What They Want

The Brooklyn Dumpling Shop has hatched a plan to make sure people can get their fix of their delicious treats safely. With pandemic protocols in mind, the food chain has introduced self-cleaning food lockers and contactless ordering systems. It means that guests at the Brooklyn Dumpling Shop can feel safe while ordering their latest batch of dumplings.

How it Will Work

When the Brooklyn Dumpling Shop reopens its doors, things are going to be a little different. Now there will be no more than two customers allowed in the store at a time, and they will have to pass UV light and temperature checks before making it inside.

This ensures there are no signs of infection in the restaurant, meaning customers can buy their dumplings without fear. The kiosk will be hands-free, and a traffic light system will keep customers informed on the status of their dumplings.

Red, Yellow, Green

After placing your order, the automat will show a red light, which turns to yellow when the chefs have begun cooking and your food is just two minutes away. Finally, the lights will turn green, which is the signal for you to scan your phone to unlock the locker door. Then you just take your food and go.

The Brooklyn Dumpling Shop has found a way to feed the people in a cost-effective way, while also offering a 24/7 service. Automats are making a comeback, and they may be here to stay if the Brooklyn Dumpling Shop’s experiment is a success.