Try Grilled Togo Chicken to Experience an Authentic Flavor

Chicken can really bring a smile to the faces of your family, with its easy availability and unlimited variations in preparation. Thanks to the ‘Plan Togo’ program, various chicken recipes are plentiful in Africa’s Togo region. But Grilled Togo Chicken is probably the simplest, most straightforward, and easy-to-make recipe to enjoy a full tasty meal.

Traditional Trick

While the grilled chicken can be made using any kind of fat, but for this special type of grilled chicken, using red palm oil is the trick of the trade. This unique vibrant oil gives the authentic dish its characteristic West African flavor.

Ingredients (For 10 pieces)

• Chicken legs or any chicken cuts of liking, 10 pieces • Onion cut in thick rings, 1 medium size • Grated ginger root, 2 Tbsp • Crushed garlic, 8 cloves • Red palm oil, 2 Tbsp • Salt, as per taste • Black pepper and/or cayenne, as per liking


• First, prepare a rub mixing all ingredients apart from the onion. Then rub the marinade over the chicken pieces and toss with the onions too. This way the onions also will get the flavor of the marinade.

• The easiest way to combine everything is to put all ingredients in a gallon ziplock baggie and then mix them all together. If needed, make gashes with a knife on the pieces beforehand.

• Keep it to sit for at least 30 minutes, but keeping overnight is best for allowing the flavors to be soaked up fully.

• Finally, grill the chicken pieces over medium heat (about 450 F) or roast them in the oven until done. Don’t forget to turn the pieces halfway. The legs should take about a total of 30 minutes on the grill, with an internal temperature of 190 F. For breast pieces, you should aim for an internal temperature of 165 F.

• Grill the onion rings carefully towards the end to prevent them from burning.

• Go authentic and serve the delicious chicken pieces piping hot with Djenkoume (cornmeal cakes) with grilled onion rings and sliced tomatoes on the side.