Why Orlando Has More To Offer Foodies Than Theme Parks And Chain Restaurants

Of course, Disney World often takes center stage in Orlando, but there is more on offer than first meets the eye. In fact, if you’re a foodie, then Orlando could be the place to go as there is so much more than just theme park and chain restaurants.

Why Orlando Has More To Offer Foodies Than Theme Park And Chain Restaurants

Se7en Bites

This restaurant is found in the heart of the Milk District, where Se7evn Bites prides itself on incredible southern comfort food. The best bit? They all come with a modern twist. The restaurant specializes in breakfast and brunch, but they offer meals all throughout the day to anyone passing by.

The Rusty Spoon

Owner and chef, Kathleen Blake, demands nothing less than local and fresh ingredients for her meals. In fact, The Rusty Spoon won seven Silver Spoon awards back in 2014 after the doors were open for just three years. Everything on the menu is simply prepared yet still packed with flavor.

Why Orlando Has More To Offer Foodies Than Theme Park And Chain Restaurants

Artisan’s Table

Believe it or not, but the menu at Artisan’s Table changes so frequently, that it can sometimes differ from one day to the next. This is because the restaurant is continually looking to evolve and fit with local food that is in season at the time.

Luma On Park

This restaurant prides itself on being welcoming yet sophisticated. Luma On Park has everything on offer from a light bite to eat all the way up to a three-course meal. The best bit? It features an open kitchen, meaning guests can watch their food be prepared in front of their very eyes.

Sure, heading to Disney World can be a great reason to head to Orlando alone, but what if you want to take in a new side to the city? Food lovers everywhere, it’s time to unite. That’s right; Orlando is hidden with plenty of delicious gems just waiting to be discovered.