Choose Your Own Rhythm: Great Alternative Festivals!

If you’re a regular festival goer, you might be getting a little tired of the usual festival trends or if you’re simply not interested in the loud and often chaotic atmosphere that festivals tend to have, then it might be time to consider an alternative festival instead. These are always great fun as they differ vastly from the norms of festival culture and promise a unique and interesting experience that you’ll likely not forget for a while. Here are 5 great alternative festivals worth checking out.

Festa de la Mercè, Barcelona, Spain – September

Barcelona is a city that is known for its crazy fiestas, and the Festa de la Mercè is no exception. The festival is 3 days and nights of non-stop street art, musical performances, really cool and artistic interactive installations and all of it is set in a mystical castle – the Montjuïc Castle. The festival is centered around the folkloric aspects of the town and to honor their patron saint, Virgen de la Merced – so is as historically insightful and mysterious as it is fun and exciting. There’s even an eco-funfair for the kids, so everyone will get something out of this festival.

Mamby On The Beach, Chicago, USA – June

Chicago is a city that is well known for the Lollapalooza festival – a long-running favorite that attracts huge audiences and even bigger performers. However, for those who are more inclined to pay homage to the up-and-coming acts or the more intimate performers, Mamby On The Beach is a great festival. The vibe is casual and relaxing and the acts are really good. This year acts such as Common, Grizzly Bear, Animal Collective and Thudercat were just a few of the artists who graced the stages at Mamby On The Beach. Definitely worth a try if you’re a ‘musicians musician’.

World Yoga Festival, Reading, UK – July

While most of us know Reading for the huge annual Reading Music Festival that’s held there, you may also be pleasantly surprised to find out that this town also hosts a really great yoga festival. The World Yoga Festival is definitely for those of you who enjoy getting into that zen-like state of mind with like-minded people.

It’s a festival that encourages you to unwind, calm down and escape from the stresses of everyday life while having fun and learning more about an organic way of life! It’s suitable for people from all walks of life and with varying experience in yoga. Definitely a great way to reset yourself for the final push of the year.