You Can Now Book Your Flights Using Instagram Screenshots

Instagram is 2018’s go-to app for posting memories of one’s adventures and trips. From flawless beaches to views for days, people love to share where they have been around the world and how blissful it looks, even without a filter. The social app has become a vital tool for the modern digital traveler and now you can even book your trips from it!

The airline, EasyJet, has now created a look&book feature that allows Instagram followers to spot a destination online and immediately book a plane ticket there. To break it down, if you come across a photo on Instagram that gets your traveling juices flowing, take a screenshot of it and upload it to look&book.

EasyJet will then do the hard work using geolocation tagging to match the picture to a destination. It will also suggest travel dates and show users price points that are currently available. Find what you want? You can then book directly from the app.

It seems the airline knew what people wanted. There have been countless times we have seen a friend or celebrity posting to Instagram somewhere exotic and we are just dying to know where it is.

“We were also aware of what was going on in Instagram – that aspirational feel that when you see a celebrity or a friend doing something fun and wanting to know where they are,” Daniel Young, EasyJet’s head of digital experience, told Campaign. Although we could just ask or go through Google and solve the mystery ourselves, this app seems to do it all for us in a seamless process.

Unfortunately, easyJet only services airports in Europe, Iceland, and Northern Africa, meaning although it can track down a place for you, you might not be able to book your flights there so easily. But when you do make it to that location, make sure to post it to Instagram with a perfect caption to inspire another trip-hunter.