Instagram Can’t Get Enough Of This Cat Living The Yacht Life

For over five years, Maryvonne and Shane La Peyre had been living on their yacht called Gem. At one point, they decided to add a new member to the crew – a Burmese cat they would call Miss Rigby.

Although they were initially concerned about how a feline would handle life on the water, the boat kitty soon proved to be an avid sailor and a wonderful addition to their happy family. Not to mention, her cat yacht adventures soon became an absolute hit on social media, taking Instagram in particular by storm.

Instagram Can’t Get Enough Of This Cat Living The Yacht Life

How the Story Began

The couple had their hearts set on adopting a Burmese cat to accompany them on their voyages. They found an organization in Connecticut that could help them, although they were concerned that their lifestyle would make them a less than suitable match for a cat. They were relieved when they found out that the owner of the kittens was willing to let them have one.

Rigby stole their hearts by being the bravest and most active kitten of the bunch, boldly exploring the living room on her own. They believed this meant that she had what it takes to live on the water, which turned out to be correct once she embarked on her cat yacht adventures.

The Adventure

Instagram Can’t Get Enough Of This Cat Living The Yacht Life

Rigby joined the crew at 11 weeks old, and has since then sailed up and down America’s East Coast several times. On her cat yacht adventures, she has seen the Bahamas, the Carribean, Grenada, and many more amazing destinations. Happily watching their cat enjoying her life on the boat, they naturally started taking photographs and videos to capture those treasured moments, and sharing them on the internet.

To their surprise, Instagram immediately fell in love with the incredible boat cat. Glad that their fuzzy companion brings so much joy to so many people, they gladly recommend adopting a pet to anyone interested. So pleased with their boat kitty and how well she adapted to life on board, they only regret not having gotten a cat much sooner.