Dip Your Toes In The Baltic Sea At This Danish Spa Hotel

The Kurhotel Skodsborg is a spa hotel on the outskirts of Copenhagen, boasting breathtaking views over the Oresund. However, the views are not the only thing that will take your breath away at this hotel as they offer experiences which encourages guests to take a plunge and dive into the sea.


Tina Andersen runs the hot-and-cold ‘SaunaGus’ experience at the Kurhotel Skodsborg as a group class. For just $75 per person, heat in the sauna is cranked all the way up and guests have to put mind over matter to cope with it, but then, they are guided towards the Oresund and the cold hits them like a sharp knife.

The hot and cold shock treatment is excellent for circulation, easing stiff muscles, promotes deep sleep and boosts endorphins. One hotel critic said of the experience “The water is so shockingly cold that it’s like being sliced with a scalpel. After just ten seconds, I scramble out, shrieking with relief, high as a kite on a rush of endorphins.”


However, the spa treatment is not the only unique aspect of the hotel and guests can enjoy a relaxing stay in the warm and cosy atmosphere. Fireplaces, candles and huge sofas are all part of its charm and together with the delicious food, it is quite the wonderful experience.

Dig in to the delicious healthy options of open sandwiches, or Smorrebrod, have avocado, or roast beef on ‘Paleo bread’ made from nuts and seeds. Alternatively, guests wanting a naughty treat to tingle their tastebuds can dig in to melty brownies or scrumptious cinnamon rolls.


The whole experience is not to be missed and the ‘SaunaGus’ experience is completely booked up for months in advance, but the hotel is now offering mini-SaunaGus experiences for guests who aren’t ready to take the full plunge.