The Digital Detox – How To Unplug While On Vacation

Before a time of iPhones, iPads, Instagram, and WhatsApp, a vacation would be a time of shutting off from the rest of the world. Now, it seems almost impossible to keep our eyes away from all this technology, and we are having to maintain some more self-discipline when it comes to having a digital detox. These are the best ways to unplug during a vacation.


Get A Guidebook

The old-fashioned guidebooks should not be forgotten. After all, they are based on expert research and reporting based on the history, top hotels, and restaurants. You can share your guidebook with other travelers, scribble notes inside if you wish, will never need to charge a battery, and does not require an internet connection.

Use A Map

Before there was Google Maps, maps were used to help on your travels. While Google Maps does give you the fastest route, you are traveling and not commuting to work. You can pass spots you weren’t aware of, or mark places off to then have a keepsake from your adventures.


Buy A Watch

So you are not tempted to look at your phone for the time and get distracted by messages from friends or work, invest in a watch to tell the time.

Take The Bus

Uber may have made getting from A to B easier, but getting on a bus allows you to take note of your surroundings and immerse yourself with the locals and their culture. It’s a cheaper form a transport, more environmentally friendly, and it allows you to take control of your journey by having to pay more attention.


Bring A Book

It is time to look at the advantages of reading a book rather than carrying a Kindle. While a Kindle may be a lighter option, studies have shown that people absorb less of what they read on a screen and it also disrupts their sleep. There is also less worry about it being stolen and having a book instead can close the gap between you and the less wealthy locals.