Becoming A Digital Nomad Is Now Easier Than Ever

If the only thing that’s been preventing you from seeing the world is financial security, a recent movement of programs designed for working travelers could be worth looking into. Work to Roam, Remote Year, Roam, and WiFi Tribe are just a few new companies that allow users to benefit from a semi-structured work atmosphere, a shared space with other digital nomads, and even a place to stay.

“It took mobile devices, reliable internet in remote corners of the world, and a sense of how to use all of it together to make this lifestyle feasible for more people,” states Bruna Haid, founder of Roam. “It would have been weird just five years ago, but showing up in the company Slack channel from Bali is acceptable today.”

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Roam’s six-week plan costs $3,000, and their three-month plan costs $6,000. Utilities, lodging, and access expenses are all covered in the initial fees. “The program lets you roam as you want between [our] locations as you choose,” says Haid.

As of now, Roam has three properties in Madrid, Miami, and Bali. Users receive their own fully-furnished room and a private bathroom. They are also provided with sheets, towels, silverware, coffee pots and anything else you might need for a comfortable stay. Their workspace is arranged like a community-style office with high-speed internet, power outlets, and office chairs. “An ideal Roam location is a place you want to live in for at least a month,” says Haid.

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Programs like Work to Roam and Remote Year go one step further and offer users the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in new cities and cultures by organizing community activities and volunteer projects. “We take 75 people to 12 cities around the world for one month each,” says Heather Lee, Remote Year head of marketing. “We provide accommodations for the year, travel between locations, office space with WiFi, and social and professional events.”

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“The postwar ideal was the single-family detached suburban home with a 30-year mortgage, and the possessions you fill it with. That’s just not appealing to a lot of people anymore,” says Haid.