Pain Free Guide To Fitness While Traveling

We’ve all been there. You book the vacation and start preparing for days by the pool by rigorously training in the gym and your body becomes an example of perfect fitness. But something happens while you are on vacation, calorie counters go out the window, food tastes better and your squat routine is sidelined. You don’t need to totally self sabotage while on a trip, there are a ton of alternative workout routines that you can easily integrate into your jet setting days.

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First things first, being on vacation isn’t an excuse to eat and drink to excess. We get that you want to sample fine delicacies and fancy cocktails, but you can be smart about portions. Consider that in many European countries dinner is served at much later hour and usually consists of lighter fare. Breakfast and lunch can be heavier, protein rich, and provide you with the nutrition you need to see every museum and art gallery on your list. Give yourself the freedom to experience local cuisine and treat yourself to something little here and there, just remember that vacations end after all and you don’t want to regret that second slice of Sicilian pizza.

Be active! Hiking in a local park, renting a bicycle, or signing up for a rock climbing course can be an awesome way to experience the place you are visiting and maintain your fitness goals. One of my best memories from a trip are centered around surprise hikes in desert canyons and knowing I really learned to push my physical limits. If that idea scares you so why not try some alternative activities that don’t sound like exercise. Tango lessons in Argentina, Muay Thai classes in Thailand, White Water rafting in Canada are at the top of my bucket list.

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And when you really feel like you need that yoga break so you can always wake up an extra half hour early and hit the gym in your hotel room. There are a ton of weight exercises available to you without any equipment necessary. My go-to hotel workout is as follows: 20 Squats, 15 inclined push ups, 100 jumping jacks, 15 reverse crunches, and 20 lunges each leg.
No need to worry about packing on the pounds next time you vacation if you follow these simply tips!

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