3 Commandments to Help Pick a Good Travel Agent

travel agent

For those who have travel on their minds, you are not alone. With vaccine drives worldwide and news of countries opening up their borders for vaccinated travelers, summer vacation is not a distant dream. However, the process might still be quite complicated. The global situation has warranted many regulations, and traveling solo might not be the best idea. Finding a suitable travel agent today is no different from looking for your soulmate on dating apps. Nevertheless, we bring you three commandments to guide you in your search. 

Look around you

Before rummaging through the internet, pick up the phone and ask your friends and family if they know someone. Getting a recommendation in person is still more trusted today. If that fails, it is time you search for local businesses. Not only is supporting small businesses essential but also easier since you know where to look. 

Pick your destination

Are you searching for a different approach? You could also look for a travel advisor based on where you are planning to visit. It is wiser to book your trip with someone who knows the destination well. According to the international travel agency network Virtuoso, “Choosing someone who specializes in a destination is a good first foray into working with a travel adviser. But when you work with the same adviser for a while, they become a specialist in you.”

Find out their professional network

Only a resourceful travel agent can help you travel hassle-free. Make sure they are part of some consortium or larger network. Erica Richter of the American Society of Travel Advisors says, “Ask them what sorts of benefits they get from their professional networks. Upgrades, free breakfasts, late checkouts when available — who doesn’t want some of those freebies? Getting an insight into their professional relations will help you understand who to pick.