Lifestyle and Wellness Changes to Implement While on Vacation

When people are deep in the rhythm of daily life — cooking, cleaning, even getting regular oil changes on the car — it can feel like they are on autopilot. As the daily to-do list consumes a great deal of time and attention, big-picture goals and dreams tend to be forgotten, or wose…sit idle, tormenting us from the side.

After years of this, it might take more than a gym membership or a New Year’s resolution to reprioritize, create a new routine, or reset your life. Sometimes, it’s really necessary to just totally step back from day-to-day life in order for people to evaluate their reality, figure out what they want, and start fresh. This is what wellness is all about.

That’s a concept Light Watkins, Vedic meditation teacher, author, and speaker is trying for himself. He has been teaching for years that growth and evolution happen the quickest during discomfort and that one should find comfort in discomfort. Watkins is traveling around the world and living out of a backpack. He also thinks that when you fall out of your routine and can see yourself, you will become more self-aware.

Elizabeth Lombardo explains that when people travel, they’re trying new things, they see new things. And getting into the habit of doing something new can instill that seed of change. Elizabeth has a doctorate in clinical psychology and is a coach and global speaker who specializes in crushing inner critic and finding happiness.
Below is a list of some of the wellness tips experts give to those who want to take advantage of every moment and successfully reset their lives.

Resetting the sleep schedule is key to wellness.


According to the Mayo Clinic, adults need 7 to 10 hours of sleep a night.
When people are on a trip, they won’t need to wake up at 6 a.m. to work out before work or stay up late folding laundry— they can make their bedtime and wake time what they want. Ensuring they get at least 7 hours of sleep a night should be a habit they bring home with them.

Roll with things, rather than trying to control them.

When traveling, a lot of things can spiral out of control. The flight may be delayed, or the hotel room may not be exactly what travelers expect. According to Lombardo, going with the flow is crucial when people travel, which is something they can practice at home too.

Relearn how to enjoy a meal.

Enjoying meal

A lot of people tend to scroll through Instagram and Facebook, etc. while eating their breakfast, others skip lunch, and when they get home, they just binge on a bag of chips. According to a report published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, not paying attention tends to make people eat more. This can be broken on vacation by intentionally enjoying a meal, according to Lombardo.

Step away from the stress.

The reason people go on vacation is to withdraw them from the stress of everyday life. When they reduce or remove that stress, they may see life differently. Lombardo explains that stress makes it harder for people to think rationally, and when they are out of the way, they reduce their stress levels and can see things differently. It’s also important not to over-schedule when traveling. It’s good to see new things, but people need to dedicate time only for them.

Remember how to be present.

Man spreads arms wide across mountain lake

Most people tend to think and live in the past or the future — rarely appreciating the present moment. Lombardo suggests reducing social media activity when on vacation. Thus, people can enjoy their trip to the fullest.