Meet The Fashion Writer Who Sacrifices Food To Live A Luxury Lifestyle

Bridie Wilkins, a 23-year-old fashion writer from London, has limited her spendings to just £100 a week on food and travel, so she can expense her five-star luxury, traveling lifestyle.

To keep up with her limited spending budget, her new diet consists of eating canned tuna, she has cut back on her social outings, and walks rather than taking the tube.

As a result, she has managed to save £600 a month, which allows her to then treat herself to her globetrotting, wanderlust adventures.

So far she has been able to check herself into dozens of luxury resorts in 19 countries, with future plans to visit Copenhagen and Los Angeles.

Believing that travel does her the world of good, Birdie expresses that she doesn’t mind her restricted food diet if that’s what it takes to get to do what she loves.

“I don’t think twice about restricting my diet to things such as canned fish – if you love something as much as I do traveling, the sacrifices you make don’t even cross your mind. Travel has changed everything. I absolutely love seeing new parts of the world. It has made me into a more well-rounded person. I’m a lot more confident – I’ve flown alone multiple times and I’m only 23, while I’ve also been on a week’s trip alone.”

What’s more, when Birdie is not spending her time abroad on her travels, she is spending her time exploring where to go next.

“I’ve also got a new zest for life – I’m so excited to see what else is out there. When I’m not traveling or working, I spend most of, if not all, of my waking hours researching where else to go. The world is a beautiful place.”

But just as she has had to sacrifice her dietary options, her traveling lifestyle has come with a further price including giving up her social life. The young globetrotter used to love a good night out, but now sees them as a waste of money, which she could be spending on making ‘memories which last a lifetime.’

While hoping to inspire others to live in the moment and realize everyone can have the same opportunities she does, she expresses, “My family and friends think I’m mad for restricting myself as much as I do, but I’d like to think sharing my experiences will inspire others to stop being complacent and take the leap.”