A Traveler’s Guide on How to Explore Egypt’s Red Sea Like a Pro

the shores of the Red Sea

One of the greatest pleasures in the world is finding the perfect scuba diving spot. It’s no secret that diving enthusiasts are always on the lookout for the next destination to explore. The Red Sea in Egypt is far from a newly popular divers’ hub, but it is still vastly unexplored.

Fancy a Trip to Egypt?

Aside from the obvious landmarks like the pyramids of Giza, Egypt actually has so much more to offer, especially if you’re in for a scuba adventure. All you’ll need to enjoy a diving trip are some Egyptian Pounds or Euro, preferably a local guide for sightseeing and to help you negotiate prices and loads of sunscreen.

Explore the Clear Waters of the Red Sea

an underwater shot of the Red Sea If you ask an experienced scuba diver why the Red Sea is the perfect destination, they’ll have a straightforward answer. On a good day, you get visibility of around 230 feet with dives ranging from 15 to 140 feet in clear waters. The best part? Its topography is so versatile that it offers great spots both for beginners and professionals. Plus, given the climate, there’s never a bad time to visit Egypt and its Red Sea.

The Hotspot to Visit

The Small Giftun Drift dive site is probably the most famous spot in Egypt. Also known as the Police Station, this place is right off the shores of Hurghada. It offers sheer coral walls, crystal clear waters, and iridescent plateaus. You’ll see passing clusters of fish in bright and alluring colors, and you’ll pass by small caves and pinnacles. Who knows what other treasures you may find?

Fish seen from the Small Giftun Drift, near Hurghada

Be sure to also check the Ras Ghazlani dive site to catch a glimpse of its large population of manta rays and the amazing surrounding ecosystem. The entire Red Sea is practically wriggling with marine life, and you can explore sunken ships, like the Thistlegorm near Ras Mohammed, together with the breathtaking underwater views of rich ecosystems worth exploring.