Tour The World By Sea On This Luxury Cruise Ship

The days of circumnavigating the world may seem to be behind us, but the truth is, there is still a group of people interested in completing the experience. One ship company, Viking Ultimate World Cruise, is embarking on a once in a lifetime adventure with its world tour itinerary. Viking might not be the first cruise company to offer an around the world itinerary, but it is the first to offer one that is so long.

The journey will span a record 245 days, which works out to about eight months at sea. During that time, guests will have the chance to visit six of the world’s seven continents (minus Antarctica), with accommodations made so travelers can truly immerse themselves in the different cultures of each country. The ship making the journey is the Viking Sun, one of Viking’s three sister ships. Passengers set sail from and return to London.

There are many ways the trip with Viking stands apart from the other offerings on the market. Aside from the length, which is broken up into two exceptionally long legs, rather than several short legs with an ever-rotating passenger list, Viking includes overnight stays in 22 different cities, allowing guests to get a better feel for the area.

Additionally, they include excursions for most of their ports of call in the ticket price, though additional excursions are still available for an extra fee.

Of course, the price of a fare isn’t exactly small beans, but if you consider that it’s about the equivalent of your monthly bills, the cost is something manageable with a little bit of planning.

Even better, the ticket price will gain you business class airfare, help with your visas, luggage shipping, and a fantastic beverage package. That plus the comfort of traveling in a world-class cruise ship more than makes up for the price.