Study Explores the Best Cities in the World to Celebrate Pride

There are several cities across the world where you can go to celebrate the Pride month of June. But the top spot is captured by Paris, according to a new study from HomeToGo, a home rental company. The study shortlists the best spots around the world to book a vacation for celebrating Pride.

The Study

The new study focused on compiling a list of cities determined by the ease of accessibility to the spot, accommodation, affordability, trending search demand, and the number of popular LGBTQ bars and nightclubs. While the City of Lights, Paris, took the first spot, Berlin and Stockholm followed in second and third place, respectively. New York came fourth, while both Madrid and London tied for fifth place.

The Overall Result

European cities reigned with six spots on the top 10 best Pride destinations list. Additionally, Amsterdam came in at no. 8. 11 cities in the UK have secured spots on the list, including Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Liverpool, Newcastle, as well as Glasgow and Edinburgh from Scotland, and Cardiff from Wales. But with a total of 12 cities, it’s the US, which has come out as the most represented country on the full list of top 50 cities to celebrate Pride month. NYC has become the top city in North America and also has the best LGBTQ+ nightlife in the world, with the highest number of top-rated queer nightclubs and gay bars.

Other Locations

Pride celebration is not limited to just major cities. There are plenty of suburban destinations and small towns around the world that welcome vacationers each year to celebrate Pride. Dawson City in Yukon Territory of Canada is home to several great businesses owned by successful queer entrepreneurs. As the Pride celebrations are growing bigger and brighter around the world, this list of HomeToGo can serve as the perfect index for travelers aspiring to explore exciting destinations to celebrate Pride and promote equality.