The Best Destinations In The World For A Digital Detox

Do you ever just look at your cell phone and wonder why on earth you’re so attached to it? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. We live in a digital age where our cell phones, internet, laptops, and social media rule the world.

We can’t go about our day without checking our news feed, and there’s no point us even going on a road trip without Google Maps because we don’t know how to read a real one! However, sometimes it’s healthy to go on a digital detox and leave all of those devices behind, and these are the best destinations in the world for a digital detox…

The Best Destinations In The World For A Digital Detox


Located in South Asia, Bhutan is what’s known as a “Buddhist Kingdom.” Because it has never been colonized, the people in this country live a simple existence.

They do not surround themselves with technology, they don’t spend their days watching television, and most of them do not use social media. Around ¾ of the population is Buddhist, which means that they pride themselves on being mindful and calm, and it’s impossible not to adopt this way of life while you’re there.

The Best Destinations In The World For A Digital Detox


If you’ve ever fancied a trip to South America, you should put Peru at the top of your bucket list. This country is known for being extremely diverse in terms of its ecosystem, which means that you can ramble through the rainforest or even hike through the Andes mountains.

With so many impressive sights and locations to explore, it would be rude not to put your phone down and explore what Mother Nature has to offer.

The Best Destinations In The World For A Digital Detox


It’s no secret that Hawaii is a hugely popular tourist destination. While you may have seen your friends or family live-stream their experience of a Luau, it’s down to you to ignore the call of likes and digitally detox. So, embrace the culture, check out the scenery, and bask in the fact that you have a beautiful island to explore. Bathe in the waters, swim with turtles, or just make new friends and learn some more about the world.

Because we have grown so accustomed to life in the digital age, the thought of living without our cell phone or social media can be daunting. However, you don’t want to see the world through a screen. Live it instead.