3 Ways To Keep Your Home Secure While On Vacation

We can all agree that vacation time is a crucial part of healthy living and an excellent way to clear your mind. Whether it be a day or two off from work or a long summer holiday, everyone deserves a break sometimes. Thankfully, planet earth offers tons of incredible places to explore so it’s only fitting we pack our bags and check them out, right? Right!

Although going on holiday is a liberating experience, it also comes with risks, as you’re leaving your home unattended for a long period of time. If you’re not too keen on paying a house sitter (they can get expensive), there are some simple tactics you can use to ensure maximum home security. So, before you hop on that plane, sit on your beach chair, and sip an icy cold margarita, read these three cool tips on how to keep your abode safe while you’re gone. You’ll thank us later!

Reinforce Sliding Doors And Windows

Assuming your home has sliding doors or windows, it’s not enough to simply lock them. You should reinforce their base by setting down a pole, stick or a brick. This will provide extra home security and peace of mind while you’re sunbathing in Bora Bora.

Ask Your Neighbor To Pick Up Your Mail

As frightening as it sounds, burglars know how to pick up on signs that you’re not home. Before embarking on a trip, ask one of your neighbors to collect your mail and packages. Otherwise, your mailbox will overflow and it will be obvious no one’s home.

Make It Look Like Someone’s Home

Most burglars don’t rob an occupied home. Before you head out, set timers to turn your lights on and off throughout the day and night and leave a car parked in the driveway. This will make it look like you’re home.