These Are The Most Sustainable Cities On The Planet

Nowadays, it seems as though more and more people are becoming conscious of their impact on the planet. This is changing the way that we travel, with some people ditching their long-haul flights in the hope that they can reduce their carbon footprint. You don’t have to give up your far-off destinations, though. There are so many sustainable cities out there, which means that you can travel without guilt. In fact, these are the most sustainable cities on the planet.

Stockholm, Sweden

If you’ve always wanted to travel to Sweden, you just have to add Stockholm to your bucket list. As the world leader of eco-hotels, it seems as though Stockholm is all about sustainability. All of the household waste in this city is recycled, and you’ll soon see that cycling is the Swedish way of life.

Bristol, United Kingdom

There are so many amazing cities in the UK, but there’s no doubt about the fact that Bristol is one of the most progressive. As a hub for much of the renewable energy in the country, Bristol has also become a trendsetter for vegan food, local farm shops, and the preservation of nature.

San Francisco, United States

San Francisco is often regarded as the tech-savvy city, but these advancements also make it one of the most sustainable. With the city aiming to become completely waste-free by the end of 2020, it seems as though everyone who lives here is also embracing organic food markets and renewable energy.

Vancouver, Canada

As a city that prides itself on having the great outdoors on its doorstep, it might not surprise you to learn that Vancouver is all about sustainability and saving the planet. Releasing the lowest per-head greenhouse gas emissions in the whole of North America, this city is all about keeping the planet as green as possible.

It’s super easy to travel sustainably. Simply choose the sustainable destination options.