Top 3 Resort Hotels in Spain and Portugal

As destinations across the world lift COVID– 19 restrictions, it’s time to pack your bag and explore new horizons once again. Spain, with its culinary offerings and cultural fests, has always captured the traveler’s imagination, but Portugal with sunny landscapes, vibrant cities, and endless dining options is increasingly gaining ground as a tourist hotspot. The Iberian Peninsula is now one of the world’s most popular destinations and perfect for induction back into the world of touring. World’s Best Awards, T+L conducted a poll from Jan to May 2021 where travelers were asked to choose their favorite resorts in Spain and Portugal. The winning resorts had one common feature: they all provided travelers the experience of forming a deep connection with surrounding landscapes. Travelers rated hotels on features like locations, services offered, dining options, and value for money. So, ladies and gentlemen below are the top hotels.

La Residencia, a Belmond Hotel, Mallorca, Spain

Nestled on the island of Mallorca, La Residencia offers stunning views of the coast. The location makes it even more attractive, as it’s a small drive from Deia, a charming village and favorite among artists and writers.

Finca Cortesín Hotel Golf & Spa, Malaga, Spain

This resort hotel is an absolute favorite in Andalusia, boasts of a magical setting between a mountain and the Mediterranean Sea. The perfect setting for golfers, it’s also making waves for magnificent pools and impeccable hospitality.

Penha Longa Resort, Sintra, Portugal

What helped this resort hotel snag the first place was the multiple delights it offers. It houses a 15th-century monastery, giving the historical character. But don’t be fooled, every modern facility is available including two golf courses, a well-equipped spa, an infinity pool, and for gastronomes – seven plush restaurants, including two which have earned a Michelin star each!