The Most Affordable And Costly Theme Parks In The US

You’re never too old to enjoy a day at a theme park. Seriously, haven’t ever felt like reconnecting with your inner-kid and just spending all day on the rides you never could when you were younger? Or what about munching on all those sugary snacks and junk food your parents banned you from eating at these places when you younger? The benefits of being an adult mean you can do what you want for a change – and who cares if you’re a little too old to be riding on rollercoasters all day? Isn’t that what life is all about? Recently, HomeToGo, one of the largest vacation rental search engines online, decided to create a list of the most expensive, and least expensive theme parks in America – and it’s really helpful!

The study was based on four main factors: Parking, Adult Dy Ticket – 1 Pass, Meal Deal and Accommodation for one night. The results of the study were quite surprising! According to the results, the 3 most affordable amusement parks were Frontier City, OK (a total of $78.8 for all factors), followed by Holiday World, IN (a total of $83.94) and finally Quassy Amusement Park, CT. Basically, you can enjoy a day of rides, a meal and evening accomodation all for less than $100 at these parks – a pretty good deal.

As you can imagine, the more costly parks are the first ones that tend to come to mind. The first of these is Universal Studios Hollywood, CA ( a total of $289.79) followed by Disney’s Hollywood Studios, CA (a total of $264.28) and finally Magic Kingdom, FL (a total of $260). While being able to save cash is always great, the difference in terms of experience and quality is quite vast when you compare these parks. But if you aren’t willing to make the trip all the way down to Florida or California, then the affordable are still a pretty good deal.