Travel Around Europe By Foot With These Five Scenic Hikes

There’s nothing like a good hike. If you’re prepared to travel many miles by foot, then it can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Here are some of the best hikes in Europe for you to consider embarking on.

The Flysch Route (Nine Miles) – Spain

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The longest hike on this list is in the Basque region of Spain, The Flysch Route. This hike along the north coast takes about five hours to complete. It is called Flysch because you get a good chance to look at the rock formations that have the same name. They are so beautiful that some of the scenes from Game of Thrones were shot there.

Lake Bohinj Circular (Seven Miles) – Slovenia

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Just a stone’s throw away from Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, you will find one of the most demanding hikes on this list, Lake Bohinj circular. Part of the Triglav national park, this lake has the Julian Alps in the background. Some of its highlights include the waterfall Slap Savica as well as the panoramic view of the lake.

Pico do Arieiro Trail (Five Miles) – Madeira

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This majestic hike can be found between Pico Ruivo and Pico do Arieiro, the two tallest peaks of Madeira. With a series of tunnels, you’ll have the chance to stare down into the gaping chasm of a volcano before ending with an incredible view of the entire island.

Fairy Pools (Five Miles) – Isle of Skye

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These beautiful waterfalls can be found high up in the Scottish Highlands and take just over three hours to complete. In the background are the incredible Cullin mountains. Starting off at Glenbrittle, this is one of those hikes that is worth bringing a swimsuit along for the walk. The choice is yours whenever you choose to turn back the way you came from.

Ladder of Kotor (Three Miles) – Montenegro

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Originally part of a route that connected Kotor with Cetinje, the Ladder of Kotor is a zigzag-like path that takes about two hours to complete. From the Krstac pass, you will enter a military road passing through the ruins of places such as Spiljari and St. Ivan. Before you reach the final destination, you can expect to pass through San Giovanni, a Venetian fortress.