5 Reasons to Add Guatemala to Your Bucket List

Let’s be honest; the world is pretty wonderful. Because of this, we’re gonna go ahead and assume that you are adding more and more destinations to your bucket list every single day. We don’t blame you, really, especially when places like Guatemala exist.

Check Out The Mayan Ruins

Guatemala is shrouded with history and culture. This country was once home to the ancient Maya people, and the ruins of their temples and homes can still be seen today. Head to the Tikal National Park to really see this UNESCO World Heritage Site in all of its beauty.

Look At The Diverse Landscapes

One of the best things about Guatemala is the diverse landscapes that this country has to offer. From stunning rainforest and waterfalls to mountainous peaks, this place really has it all. You can bathe in Semuc Champey pools one day, and then wander around the city the next.

Embrace The Architecture

Guatemala’s Spanish history is pretty obvious – especially when you look at the architecture. This can be seen in the ancient capital of Antigua, which is surrounded by colonial-style Spanish architecture, beautifully-painted houses, and cobbled streets that have to be seen to be believed.

Marvel At An Active Volcano

There are an incredible 37 volcanoes in this country. Only four of them are still active, but they regularly spew out smoke and lava. If you want to embrace the enormity of these volcanoes, head to Lake Atitlan for the best views across the lake, the mountains, and the volcanoes.

Try Out The Delicious Food

The food in Guatemala is second to none. With influence from the Mayans, the Spanish, and from further afield, you can expect a lot of meat, a lot of spice, and a lot of corn. You are guaranteed to leave this country with a full stomach and a smile on your face.

So, is Guatemala the newest addition to your bucket list?