Airports That Are So Amazing You’ll Never Want To Leave

One of the worst things about flying is being stuck in the airport for what can feel like days, especially if your flight is delayed. Airports are generally designed to be functional, but some go above and beyond to make their customers feel welcome. These are the airports that are so amazing you’ll never want to leave and you’ll wishing your plane be delayed so you can stay longer.

Airports That Are So Amazing You’ll Never Want To Leave

Singapore Changi International Airport – Singapore

If you’re ever fortunate enough to fly into or out of Singapore Changi International Airport, then you’re in for a treat. Since it opened it has won over 500 “World’s Best Airport” awards, and there’s plenty to do here for everyone. There are several pools, a butterfly garden, movie theaters, and there’s even a rollercoaster in case the plane taking off isn’t a big enough thrill for you.

Munich Airport – Germany

There’s little chance of you getting bored at Munich Airport in Germany as there’s just so much to do there. There is an event venue that hosts a bunch of sports like cycling, surfing, and many more to keep you entertained. Munich Airport has over 150 shops, and there are over 462,000 square feet of mall space for you to get lost in. Just make sure to keep one eye on the time, or you might miss your flight.

Airports That Are So Amazing You’ll Never Want To Leave

Long Beach Airport – USA

What could be better when waiting for your flight than sitting in the sunshine and enjoying the final moments of your vacation? This Los Angeles airport is open air, which means you really don’t feel cooped up and it’s one of the most relaxing travel experiences in the world. Then if you’re not enjoying the amazing weather and fire pits, you can keep your eyes peeled for some of the famous faces who frequently travel through the airport.

Hamad International Airport – Qatar

If you’re looking for a luxurious experience from your airport then look no farther than Hamad International Airport. It’s like waiting for a plane in a five-star hotel, and it operates on a silent air policy, meaning no announcements are made over a PA.

Traveling by plane doesn’t always have to be a miserable experience, and these airports take the stress out of waiting around. They are so amazing you might never actually want to leave them.