The Bay Of Kotor Is The Most Beautiful Vacation Spot You’ve Never Heard Of

When you look for a new vacation spot, sometimes you want to really get away from everything and everyone you know.

Or perhaps you just want to find a hidden gem that is a bit off the beaten path. Montenegro, a country that only became independent back in 2006, offers an amazing place to get some rest and relaxation called the Bay of Kotor.

The bay sits on the Adriatic Sea. Across it is the eastern coast of Italy, in other words, at the backside of the “boot.” The bay is a fjord, which can only be found usually in very cold countries like Norway, Sweden, and Finland. What is nice, though, is that you get the “architecture” of a fjord, with the weather of the Mediterranean.

The Bay of Kotor is actually a UNESCO Heritage Site, an honor which is also had by places like Machu Picchu, Petra, and Venice. The city has walls, which were originally put up for defense, but now provide travelers with the opportunity to take beautiful panoramic pictures from the top.

The town has a great vibe, with cobblestoned streets, and a main piazza with restaurants.

One thing to be aware of is that, although to most of the world, this beautiful bay is unknown, Europeans have taken advantage of it, and sometimes organize cruises to come by the town. Before you travel, it is important to make sure you will not be there when there is a lot of cruise traffic, as to not disturb the small-town feel of the place.

Still, nothing can really ruin the beauty of this waterfront area. The sunset itself is worth the flight. Since there were many wars in this region, it is not well trekked, and could be a unique way for you and your family to spend your vacation days.