3 Beautiful and Less Known Spots to Visit in Sofia

How many places have you visited in Sofia? There are so many hidden gems here that the travel bug in you won’t be satisfied until you have seen them all. We have created a special list for you. This list includes places that a lesser known in Bulgaria’s Sofia. Let’s take a look at them. For all you know, they may not be on your list.

Zaimov Park and Doctor’s Garden

Sofia is big on being a green capital. As a result, you will find several large parks and little green spaces. The bigger parks like Borisova gradina and Yuzhen Park are frequented. You may have visited them too. They feature on every traveller’s list, who visits this city. But there are some smaller places that many do not know about. For instance, Doctor’s Garden, which is behind National Library, and Zaimov Park, which is five minutes away from the garden. Both these parks host lively festivals, concerts and events during the summer nights. In the day, it is a place to seek shade from the scorching heat and also enjoys treats from coffee and ice cream vendors.

The University Botanical Garden

At the heart of the city is this small botanical garden. It is a hidden gem even for the locals in Sofia. If you take a Bulgarian acquaintance or a friend to this place, they may just be surprised. The botanical garden is a great place to get away from the humdrum of the city. A place of solitude!

The Bells Monument

The Bells Park is a gorgeous concrete monument from the Communist era. You can get there by taking the subway and getting off at Business Park Station. It’s a few minutes’ walk from there. The place was constructed during the 1980s. The bells you can see in the park are from different countries in the world. You could actually look for a bell that is for your country and then ring it. If that was not all, you will also witness a picnic spot nearby for you to enjoy some time outdoors.