Caribbean Airport Unveils VIP Lounge Plans Complete With An Infinity Pool

Air travel has become much more luxurious in the last couple of years but new plans in Punta Cana airport look to take it to new heights.

The Punta Cana International Airport in the Dominican Republic has unveiled its plans to open a state of the art lounge complete with a outdoor deck and an infinity pool to give you those extra few minutes in paradise.

airport- pool

This plan will attract plane fanatics as they can enjoy a dip in the pool as they look out onto the tarmac and be up close with the planes as they prepare for take off.

The outdoor area will be complete with a pool, sun loungers, deck chairs, sofas, umbrellas and plants while the interior aims to take advantage of the blue skies and unique views, having floor to ceiling windows and brightly colored furniture.

airport- lounge

The lounge was designed by Dominican architect Antonio Segundo Imbert, bringing a colorful and outdoorsy flare into the airport, turning it from mundane to magnificent. The new airport lounge is one of many expansions in the airport since the early 2000s.

The airport was built in 1983 and was decked out with a traditional Dominican infrastructure and style, together with a tropical and contemporary feel.

Currently, the only passengers authorized to use the VIP lounges in the airport are “select elite status fliers on participating airlines” as well as passengers with a priority pass or those who purchase a pass to the lounges.

However, for the new lounge, there has been no official word of who is entitled to use it.

airport- planes

The Punta Cana airport regularly sees celebrities flying through, often on private jets to be whisked away to secret locations on the stunning Caribbean island.

Beyonce, Jay Z, Jennifer Lopez and the Kardashians have all been seen in Puta Cana over the last year, with the new airport lounge looking to attract even more celebrities and wealthy vacationers.